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Blue 1 Energy

LaMountain Bros., Inc. has signed on to be a distributor and service contractor for the Blue1Energy line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage and pump systems. The use of DEF has been mandated by the EPA for all class 1 through class 8 diesel powered vehicles beginning January 1, 2010. DEF is a liquid urea and water mixture that will be contained in a separate tank in the vehicle and will be injected into the exhaust stream to reduce noxious emissions. The liquid is temperature sensitive and will require some special storage and handling. Additionally, beginning in 2012, all new off road (construction, farm, etc.) diesel vehicles will be required to use this technology with class two boats coming in 2014. Initially, there will be a small demand for this product, but as more and more trucks hit the road, the need to have it available will increase. LaMountain Bros., Inc. will be happy to answer your questions concerning DEF and related systems. For more information, please call 508-987-5322 or click the link below to visit the Blue1Energy website